Stop losing time & money

doing things in your business that don't work

Master the Science of growing your business and scaling for success

Our coaching program helps small business owners like you grow and scale your business without losing money on the gimmicks. Build a strong business foundation so you can grow, succeed, and THRIVE!

Your business...

...isn't making enough money.

...isn't growing at the rate expected.

...isn't attracting enough clients.

...isn't providing the future you thought.

You are...

...not making enough money.

...trapped and alone

...stuck between success and parenting

...pulled away from happiness to do more work

1 on 1 Professional Coaching

  • Receive direct guidance and support for your business
  • Unlock the power of consistent income in your business
  • Experience the direct support of a Certified Business Life Cycle Growth Strategist / Coach

Monthly Group Masterminds

  • Work in groups of no more than 10 business professionals
  • Support each other through challenges and successes
  • Gain insights from peers and support growth

Coaching App Access

  • Curated Content to build amazing businesses
  • Step By Step Guidance from start to exit of your business
  • Proven success for over 600 users

$20+ Million

Revenue Generated


Goals Achieved

One on One


  • Monthly Meetings with a Certified LCS Coach
  • Direct Guidance to create stable income
  • Accountability to help you ACTUALLY grow

Small Group


  • Monthly meetings with no more than 10 owners
  • Leverage each other's experience to help grow
  • Expand business reach with each network

Business Success


  • Step by step business improvement
  • Build business credit and scale strategies
  • Continual learning through all phases

It's time to stop doing the same things

and expecting different results


Small Businesses that make less than $250K per year

Yes, revenue is vanity and cash flow is what matters. When a business makes less than $250K, the owner makes about $8 an hour.

Tragic... Just tragic.


Small Businesseses doomed to close after 5 years

The number 1 reason small businesses close their doors is that they aren't making enough money to remain open. That is 3 of every 4 businesses.

Year in. Year out.


Money wasted every year on bad marketing

The number 1 reason? Small businesses target the wrong audience. They try to sell to everyone and end up selling to no one...

Wasted $s = Wasted time.

"I was busy but broke when I started working with Tom. Since, my income has grown by 7 times."

Anthony F.

Commerical Realtor

"It's good. It's been good at getting me to think and reasses the way I organize my day"

Rebecca J.

Natural Health Practitioner

"Tom has given me the gift of focus. My ADHD crippled my focus from day one. Now it is a strength"

Cara S.

Int'l Strategic Communications

Success is Easy with 960 Thrive

You are minutes away from starting your journey to your amazing life:


  • You're ready to grow your business
  • You want to have financial confidence
  • You want your business to thrive


  • You have time to schedule meetings
  • You mindshift into prosperity mode
  • Your vision of your future


  • Complete the Business Lifecycle Assessment
  • Start working on the building blocks right away
  • Connect and meet with your Business Lifecycle Strategist Coach and grow!

The Old Way

The 960 Way








The old game is no longer easy to win on your own.

960 Thrive helps you win the game NOW!

Here's what you get

Work with Certified Business Lifecycle Growth Strategist / Coach- Value: $18,000 / Yr
Access to the Automated Business Growth App - Value: $2,400 / Yr
Exclusive Amplify Your Business and Life Group Access - Value: $1,150 / Yr
Access to 960 Momentum Training Platform - Value: $1,500 / Yr
Access to Additional 960 Method Training Subscription - Value: $1,200 / Yr
Immediate Access to Additional Partner Resources - Value: $1,000 / Year

Total Annual Value : $25,250

Your Price:

Just $250 / mo

***Space is Limited***

Act Today

to secure your future!


We are on a mission to help 1,000,000 small businesses succeed where others fail. It all starts with the business owner. We help you discover your Freedom of Time, Self, and Path.