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Build a Business that Allows You to Live Life on Your Own Terms!

You have limited time to live your UNLIMITED potential.

You are in control of your income potential but you have a hard time finding the time to ENJOY living your life while building your business and financial future.

Don't choose one OR the other!

The 960 Method is THE tool designed to help you focus on completing tasks minute by minute! Choose one AND the other.

This training provides you with everything you need to make your dream life your daily reality.

Live your best life AND build your purpose driven business.

Grow the 960 Way

Transform your Thoughts into Tangible Things

The digital world does not hold a competitive position to the power of writing on paper. Create a connection with your thoughts when you write them down.

Create FOCUS through action

You experience a different sense of connection to your thoughts when you focus your energy on the movement of the pen on the paper.

You connect through AWARENESS

Typing creates books and emails, but writing creates awareness. You become more aware of what you are aiming for when your pen is involved.

I love the 960 Method and how it drives me to journal. The 960 Momentum Journal is amazing! I have tried so many others and found them clumsy with poor flow. My ADHD brain needed the clean pages and clear focus that the 960 Momentum Journal offers. A definite must use for any busy professional.

Cara S. - Marketing Agency Owner

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960 Momentum Tools & Training

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Our secret is simple - we provide everything you need in one training. This training is the missing element you have been trying to find in all the other programs you have purchased. 960Momentum helps you make all of the other programs work.


960 Momentum Journal

Other Journals

Connection to Purpose

Goal Tracking

Weekly Review

Daily Wins

Daily Success Scores

Space to expand new ideas

Space to capture thoughts

Ready to go? We’ve got everything covered.

This is the only journal you have access to right away as a digital download and print.

Everything you need is ready to go as soon as you click the 'Buy Now' button below.

Guidance and training is ready to access as soon as your payment is processed. No delays. Get to work!

Frequently asked questions

How does your journal work?

This is a manual journal. It is not a planner. Meetings go on a calendar. The 960 Method Momentum Journal is designed to help the busy business owner create a habit of personal accountability with a clear vision of who she serves and what path she is on. You2.0 is ready to get to work!

What languages are supported?

Currently, we support English only

However, we are always updating our platform and open to any suggestions. Just contact our sales team.

Can I use the journal on a tablet or in a PDF writer?

We strongly encourage all journalers to print the journal front to back and use a pen. Our belief is that in order to reach true success, you need to have a written record of your journey. This creates a pathway from your thoughts to your actions.

What if I need help getting started with the journal?

Watch our video training on the Member Site which you have access to with your purchase.

Independence Day SPECIAL - save $200 off the 960 Momentum Training. Ends July 8th. Don't miss out!


We are on a mission to help 1,000,000 small businesses succeed where others fail. It all starts with the business owner. We help you discover your Freedom of Time, Self, and Path.

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